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Four historic communities — Eatonville, Elbe, Mineral, and Ashford — are on the loop formed by the Road to Rainier Scenic Byway, with Mount Rainier National Park at the east end. These towns offer accommodations only a short drive from the park. All along the route are unique activities to explore and enjoy.


Takes You to Paradise…Promise

The Road to Rainier Scenic Byway ends at the national park’s main (and only year-round) entrance. Inside the park, follow a wooded, winding road up to Longmire and Paradise for their magnificent views, historic buildings, and visitor centers. Spend days discovering the park’s numerous hiking trails, wildlife, and stunning panoramas.

Takes You to Paradise…Promise

Discover on the Road to Rainier Scenic Byway:

  • a vintage steam train that takes you to a railroad museum
  • a 725-acre nature park with free-roaming wildlife and zip line/challenge courses
  • a hands-on visit to the past at a pioneer farm and native tribal village
  • cabins, lodges, spas, and campgrounds with easy park access
  • restaurants, outdoor stores, art galleries
  • horseback riding, fishing, cross-country skiing, many hiking trails
  • and even more

Find out more about the Road to Rainier Scenic Byway’s towns and activities so you can plan your trip and pack it with adventure and relaxation.


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National park main entry, end of scenic byway

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